Bigelow Green Tea with Pomegranate

“CUT TO THE CHASE I DON’T HAVE TIME TODAY:” If you like weak and subtly flavored tea with nothing peculiar or surprising to greet your taste buds, this tea could be perfect for you. Want to know more? Keep reading.

THE WHAT, THE HOW, AND THE WHEN: Being an avid tea-drinker, I received this box of Bigelow Organic Green Tea with Pomegranate, among other kinds of tea and tea accessories, for Christmas. (My mother knows me best!) I couldn’t wait to try it because this was the closest I had come to my favorite flavor, Black Cherry, that’d been taken off of store shelves a few months back. (No idea what the brand was. But I can’t find it ANYWHERE.) When I finally had the chance to brew a cup and take a few anticipated sips, I found myself a bit disappointed with the taste. This is especially odd  because the ingredients didn’t quite read as “disappointing.”

-Organic green tea

-Organic hibiscus

-Organic licorice root

-Organic rose hips

-Natural cherry flavor with other natural flavors

-Organic pomegranate peel

Licorice root? Hibiscus? Rose? CHERRY? And notice how pomegranate is the LAST thing listed. Some of those things should pack at least a small punch… Am I right? Or am I crazy? (That’s what I thought. A little bit of both.) But seriously! Very flavorful elements in one very boring drink. It didn’t taste BAD it just didn’t have a “wow” factor. I like “wow.”

Maybe my taste buds are broken but I like my tea strong and loaded with obvious flavor. 

It was for that reason I fell in love with Black Cherry tea. That sucker was PACKED with intense cherry flavor and when paired with the right creamer, tasted like cherry pie. (I know, right??) I didn’t need any added sugar and sometimes when nightly cravings for something decadent threatened to control me, I’d brew a cup and drink it straight with nothing added. It kicked those cravings to the curb every. single. time. Score! (I’m blaming my momentary lapse of healthy eating on a lack of black cherry tea and shall continue to eat this snowflake-shaped York pattie and maybe a few Ferrero Rochers despite it being 11:00 pm.)

DID I DO SOMETHING WRONG?: The instructions on the back of the box clearly said “Steep 4 minutes or whatever suits your lifestyle.” The first cup I brewed, I did exactly that and it tasted like water with a HINT of something… flowery, maybe? (Duh. Plants + hot water = Tea.)  Hard to tell, really. And I actually let not one but TWO bags steep together in the same cup of water. Tonight I made more, this time using three bags and steeping for longer than 4 minutes. I added honey, a spoonful of organic sugar, and french vanilla creamer. Y’all, it tasted like hot, sugary, 2% milk severely diluted with water. Again, it wasn’t bad, though it sounds like it would be. It was just BORING. Drab. Plain. Stuck up, if you will. I felt as though the tea was actually judging me from the inside of its antique, English resting quarters that is my tea cup. “Oh, posh. I’m a quiet, sophisticated tea. Don’t trifle me with your “flavorful” riff raff.”


WHAT I’M GOING TO DO ABOUT IT: I’d hate for the rest to go to waste so I’ll keep drinking it and experimenting with ways to make it taste a bit more exciting. (And should I find something that works, I’ll be sure to update y’all in case you want to try it. Or, if you have any suggestions, be sure to drop them by via my contact page! I’ll try them out and post what I think.) Bigelow is a really great brand and I don’t speak negatively about them in hopes of shutting them down. I love their peach tea and other flavors, in fact, I have some stashed away in my tea cabinet that I might brew later. I just don’t fancy the Pomegranate but maybe others do and that’s okay. I’ll let y’all decide for yourselves. But until I can figure out a better way to please my pallet with such weak substance, I’ll be continuing the hunt for that delicious black cherry tea I love so much.


The cat’s outta the bag, y’all!

Until the next one,


ONE MORE THING: I cannot stress it enough how much I love Bigelow brand tea. They are among the list of my favorites. Please, if you haven’t tried them, I urge you to do so! 🙂 


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